Intensive Course: Bregenzerwald

14 07 2017

Intensive Training programme in Bregenzerwald

Day one

My philosophy is the “small” influences the “big”. We need therefore to pay attention to the small parts of the swing as they impact in a big way on the entire swing. Throughout our time together, there will be a continual system of “linkage” through all our practice sessions. We will also often practice under “pressure” so that the stuff learnt on the range will be transferable to the course. We will also constantly work on visualization and the mental approach to golf.

09h00: Meet at clubhouse for a coffee and chat about your expectations and objectives. A chance to get to know each other a bit better.

09h30 to 10h30

Putting—–For the first hour we will discuss and assess your putting as it stands currently and make changes if deemed necessary. I will show you various exercises that will help develop your putting and help you learn how to practice with systems that you can apply to your game. End this session with a putting competition.

10h45 to 12h30

Chipping and chipping fundamentals——We practice short and long chips and determine which option to chose based upon ball and flag positions. Chips from fairway and chips from semi rough. You will learn to chip with various clubs up to and including your hybrid. End this session with a chipping competition.

Pitching and pitching fundamentals——-We practice short and long pitches as well as lob shots. At what point should one pitch the ball onto the green? How best to determine risk and reward. We will practice different distances and understand how to determine ball flight distance.

Challenge chip and pitch competition for the last 30 minutes or so. Try both to same target and see what gives the best result.

12h30 to 13h30


13h30 to 15h00

Bunker, difficult lies and fundamentals——–We practice bunker shot fundamentals and the differences between short, medium and long bunker shots. How do I determine ball carry distance from the bunker, how to play fried egg lie, ball above or ball below my feet, downhill lie or uphill lie and how this impacts the shot. We will also practice the “impossible” lie that often happens on the course…….

15h15 to 16h30

Short game play———We play our “short” course which consists of 6 holes no longer than 50 metres. This allows you to put into practice the short game theory we have learnt.


9 holes———–We play 9 holes together after a short 30 minute break. This allows me to assess your strengths, weaknesses, assessment and tactics during a round. I need to have an unbiased look at where you are and where you can improve.

Day two

09h00: Meet at clubhouse for our morning coffee and feedback.

09h30 to 11h30:

Pitching wedge to hybrid or long iron and fundamentals——-We start today with the “full” swing and move through all our irons to iron 4 or 3 iron or to your hybrid depending whats in your bag. The process will once again be focused on mainly smaller parts of the swing which impact on the success of the entire swing and ball flight. I will take video and we will discuss swing planes, club head at impact and ball flight. I will change as little as possible and we will only make swing changes if deemed necessary. My wish is to offer you “keys” that open doors so that you may understand your swing better.

11h45 to 12h30:

Woods and Driver and fundamentals——– Full swing with all your woods and driver. How to shape the ball, when to use the driver and when not to. This hours session will be a “learn by doing” session. Our objectives are to allow you to try different swings with your woods to see what these impact differences have on the ball flight. You will try to shape the ball right to left, left to right, high to low or low to high.

12h30 to 13h30:


13h30 to 14h30

Ball distance control and fundamentals——– We meet on the driving range again and we will play to different distances. The exercise is however something that you may not have done before. If you’re able to hit your PW to a distance of 100 metres then I want you to be able to hit a 7 iron to the same distance as well. The 7 iron is simply an example. During this training we will hit different irons same distances. This training allows you to get a better “feel” for distance and will also help you play low shots that need to travel only 60 metres but hit with a 5 iron.

14h30 to 15h15

Alignment factors—– Why do we often align or bodies to target incorrectly. We learn why and how to correctly align to target and how to align to shape the ball if needed.

15h30 to 16h30

Revisit any area you wish to——– The last hour together allows you to choose any topic you feel needs to be readdressed or revisited.


9 holes———– 9 holes———– We play 9 holes together after a short 30 minute break.

Please remember that throughout our time together I am open for any questions or clarification on any points that you’re uncertain of. I strongly suggest that you take notes on your phones as these can be used as a reference point for training in the future. I will also take video on your phone for you to use as reference should you require. Please also have water and something small to eat with you the entire time.

For further information such as course start dates and cost please contact me by email on or call on +41 79 743 4616.

Keep on swinging.





4 responses

15 07 2017

Geoff is a golf coach with empathy and is able to enhance the essential aspect to improve your golf game with immediate results. Two great days with impact, thanks Geoff.

15 07 2017

Hi Florin. Was an absolute pleasure to work with you and Leila. Best of luck with the tournament today.

15 07 2017
business and management blog

Two great days with Geoff, very efficient and productive! He was able to open my eyes to a new perspective to golf, strengthening me mentally and strategically. Thanks Geoff!

15 07 2017

Hi , many thanks for your time and support. Keep up the hard work and enjoy your golf.

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