A good walk unspoilt.

19 07 2016

Hi all

Yesterday, I had an amazing day and wanted to share it and a few photos with you all.
Around 3 weeks ago I was asked if I could fetch Victor Garcia from Zurich airport and drive him to Bad Ragaz Golf Course for him to play in The European Seniors Masters there. En route to the club we discussed golf of course, and the fact that it has many people who are not really there to serve the sport but rather to serve themselves and the impact it has on the game. Words echoed by Butch Harmon when I spent time with him 3 years ago. It was a truly interesting chat with a man that raised and taught Sergio Garcia, one of the worlds greater players of this wonderful game.

Before we had even got to the course Victor had invited me to come and watch a private tournament which is hosted by Sergio and is a charity day from which Sergio gives back. Cost CHF 50 000.00 per player apparently, so a huge sum of money in anyones books. But money very well spent and very well donated. So, from being the taxi driver to Victor Garcia, to an invite to something so special, you truly never know.

Being fortunate enough to get an invite I was allowed to walk “inside the ropes” and got up real close to all the champions that were there and in particular Henrik Stenson, The Champion Golfer of the Year. He looked exhausted and rumour has it that he had around 2 hours sleep after his victory at The Open. But he was polite, humble and engaging. A true reflection of a champion. Other notables were Luke, Rory, Ricky, Adam, Justin and Zach to name a few. I was disappointed to not see Ernie as apparently he was invited but cancelled late.

To all that made my day possible I wish to thank you sincerely. I am truly blessed and have said before that my cup runs over and then it does so often.

Keep on swinging.






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