An option on improving the fun out of your golf

5 05 2016

Hi all

Its been a while (a long while) since my last post.

As some know, I am currently teaching at Bregenzerwald Golf Course with the season only starting this week. I am still in the process of completing my PGA Teacher Qualification which I hope to have done and dusted by end of this year. The only requirement left for me to enter the final exam, is to pass my Playing Ability Test, of which we have four opportunities per year. I have really struggled in these with my results not being at all flattering. I do not claim to be anything other than someone that dearly loves this sport and engages people first and foremost. I am not and never will just be part of the “system”.

I have now actively taught golf in Germany and Switzerland for over four years. During this time I have learnt remarkable stuff and have also been dumbstruck by some of the goings ons in this industry. I strive to always offer the best environment in which my students can make the sometimes very difficult adjustments to their swings and approach to golf so that they may best develop their own games and golf personalities. We simply do not all fit into the same box and what works for one may not work for the other. From a personal perspective it has been a long and sometimes very difficult road for me, but I am as always still holding onto the determination to complete the programme and compete to the best of my ability.

From feedback that I have received from many of my students the thing that seems to be constant is the fact that I offer lessons that are honest appraisals of their game, uncomplicated and fun and this is what I intend to continue doing. Making this game fun firstly and doing all in my power to make it uncomplicated. After all, the greatest golfer in living memory, Jack Nicklaus is quoted as saying “The game is meant to be fun”.

With this in mind I wish to share with all of you the different options and costs that are applicable for a lesson in Bregenzerwald.

Privatunterricht Range und kurzspiel:
Range Bälle nicht Inkl.

30 minutes € 34.00/CHF 40.00  —- 55 minutes € 64.00/CHF 70.00  (if you wish to have a friend do a lesson at the same time the cost difference is € 10.00/CHF 15.00  and € 15.00/CHF 20.00 respectively)
Privatunterricht Golfplatz:
(Spiel, Technik, Taktik Unterricht in der Praxis)

4 Loch mit 1 Person € 75.00/CHF 85.00
4 Loch mit 2 Personen € 110.00/CHF 120.00
9 Loch mit 1 Person € 195.00/CHF 215.00
9 Loch mit 2 Person € 260.00/CHF 290.00
3+ Personen auf Anfrage.

Schnupperkurs für Anfänger
Du erlernst im Kurs die Grundlagen des Golfsports——je Kurs 120 Minuten

1 Person Euro 110.00/CHF 120.00
2 Personen Euro 125.00/CHF 140.00
3+ Personen nur auf Anfrage

Platzreifekurs: Platzreifeerlaubnis nach Richtlinien des ÖGV
(inkl. Leihschläger, Driving Range Bälle während des Unterrichts, Golfplatz Greenfees + Rangefees)

1 Person (Exclusive) € 449.00/CHF 495.00 (10 Stunden)
2 Personen (10 Stunden)
3-4 Personen (15 Stunden)
5-6 Personen (20 Stunden)
Partner hotel € 399.00/CHF 440.00

Montag bis Freitag: Treffpunkt Golfschule immer am Montag 10Uhr (oder nach Terminvereinbarung)

Anfängerkurs Intensive:
Du erlernst die Grundlagen des Golfsports und das erste Erlebnis auf dem Golfplatz zu spielen. Auch inkl. Leihschläger, Driving Range Bälle während des Unterrichts, Golfplatz Greenfees + Rangefees

1 Person (Exclusive) € 279.00/CHF 300.00 (6 Stunden)
2 Personen (6 Stunden)
3-4 Personen (9 Stunden)
5-6 Personen (12 Stunden
Partner hotel € 249.00/CHF 280.00

Montag bis Freitag: Treffpunkt Golfschule immer am Montag 10Uhr ( oder nach Terminvereinbarung)
Nach Ende dieses Kurses kann man gegen Aufpreis verlängern und die Platzreifeprüfung absolvieren.

Aufbau & Handicapverbesserungskurs:
Schwunganalyse langes/kurzes Spiel & Technikverbessrung, Platzanalyse & Taktik

Von HCP 0-54. Geben Sie uns Ihren Zeitraum & persönlichen Wunsch und wir gestalten einen Kursangebot ganz individuell für Sie oder in der Gruppe.

Kursbeispiel: 6 std. p.P € 299.00/CHF 330.00
Partner Hotel 6 std. p.P € 279.00/CHF 300.00

Der Unterricht und Kurse findet bei jeder Witterung statt! Gebuchte std. & Kurse, die nicht 24 std. vorher abgesagt werden, müssen voll verrechnet werden. Please note all lessons do not include range balls unless otherwise stated.

Keep on Swinging!








3 responses

6 05 2016

Good to hear from u again. Wish u all the best in Bregenzerwald and the best of luck with your own ambition. ⛳️🏌

23 05 2016

Hi Dorothy, as far as I know I have already replied to you but the system says not…Thanks for your support and hope to see you and Guido one day.

17 05 2016

Thanks Dorothy

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