Lucky or what?

8 08 2013

Hi all

It’s been a while I know and I have no excuse other than I have been lazy and have not really had much to pass on. That is until now!

As you all know I was teaching at Obere Alp golf course in Germany since last year July and enjoying every moment that I had to teach and to pass on the passion I have for this crazy game. Sadly, there were never really that many students and due to this there was very little income. Shame poor Geoff not earning money…….lol

About 3 weeks ago I got a call from the manager of Waldkirch Golf Course asking me if I would be able to assist with teaching. Needless to say my immediate answer was when can I start!!!

To fully explain this you need to know that I played as a member there from the moment I arrived in Switzerland and have always felt “at home” there. Its around 30 minutes drive from home as opposed to 1.5 hours to Obere Alp. The training facilities are amazing and the course itself a 36 hole golfing paradise in eastern Switzerland. I have a great relationship with most of the members and am of the opinion that I will have more than enough lessons shortly. This alone will allow me to pass this crazy passion (think all South Africans are passionate about sport) onto many many more people and in so doing infect them with the golf virus. I started 3 days ago and the response has thus far been very positive which I hope converts into more time spent teaching.

As Gary Player once famously said “The more I practise the luckier I get!” I have been practising to get into this golf course for a while so I think it works!!

Keep on swinging…






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