A day with Butch Harmon

21 05 2013

Hi all

Where to start? In the beginning I suppose is the best answer to that!


Around a month ago Jacky came to me and said that she had a conference that she needed to attend in San Diego and as my birthday is during this period whether I would like to come with her? At first I must say I was not that keen as it would mean taking time off and this of course would mean less time teaching and less time earning. The idea of going over to the States (a first for me) kept buzzing around in my head and I continually sort justification for going there.

DSC_0864 DSC_0866

Thats when I started thinking that if I could spend part of the time learning more about how I can improve my golf teaching skills, and pass this onto my students, then perhaps I would feel less guilty about going. So after a bit of research I hit upon the idea that if you are going to learn more about golf teaching then why not do it with the best in the world? So the plan morphed into a week in New York, then a week in Las Vegas and the last week in San Diego.

DSC_0847 DSC_0855

Being the shy type that I am, I immediately picked up the phone (after some time zone calculations of course!) and called the Butch Harmon School of Golf. Not really expecting anything other than a “no forget it” I was pleasantly surprised when Carole B., (Mr Harmons Assistant), said that as he was currently at Augusta National for the Masters she would need to speak to him on his return and would I send an email describing what I wanted to do. I duly wrote the email and once again to be honest never expected anything other than a no. Around 4 days later I get an email saying that yes I may attend a day with Mr Harmon as an observer and could I please present myself at his school from 09h30 during which I would be allowed access to him as well as his wonderful staff and his students for the day. At this point in time let me try make it quite clear just how lucky I am. They have around 100 similar requests per week, yes per week, and few get the ok. Why I got it is beyond me and I am eternally grateful for this.

I leant an enormous amount of stuff, most if not all that I hope to be able to put into place during my teaching and pass onto my students. What struck the most was the humble manner in which he communicates and interacts with his students, something that I think is a natural skill and not something you can learn or be taught. He does not hold any PGA Teachers Certification to the best of my knowledge but is considered the best teacher out there by many many people. After my day I was lucky enough to get time for a brief chat with him and he wished me well in my quest.

Thanks Butch Harmon, its was a real honour or is that honor?

DSC_0993 2

Thats all folks.

Keep on swinging!






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