Patience and Thank You

17 12 2011

Hi all

47 years old and about to become an assistant teaching professional just about says it all.

When I moved to Switzerland over 10 years ago this was what I thought I would like to do in my “new” life. Sadly the Swiss PGA had an age limit of I think it was 35 then and I was too old to start . Meeting all the other requirements did not seem to matter, I was just too old.

So for 10 years I keep trying to find a way to do it. My handicap kept fluctuating (in the wrong direction mostly!) and I almost gave up on the dream. After some encouragement by certain friends and family (you know who you are….) I finally called the German PGA around 10 months ago. I had heard that they offered the course as a correspondence course and weren’t ageist!

I started my course in July this year. This was the 1st step in the process of becoming a fully qualified member of the PGA, a process that will last another 3 years. To be quite honest I was very nervous as I have never  been the greatest student in the world and now I had to be one in German! There were 77 of us on the course with the average age being around 22 years old. Did not matter to me, I could hit a ball as far (and sometimes further) and as straight (and often straighter..) as most of them so thats one for the old guys! It was tough at times, long drives into Germany to attend seminars and training modules, and then having to try and comprehend what the hell they were saying!

We had 5 examinations at the end of 5 months studies over a period of 4 days, some theory and some practical. Initially I managed to pass only 3 of the 5 but then went back and rewrote knowing full well that I had to pass this time, both the C trainer examination and the entrance test, or it would be another year before I could try again!! I passed and am very proud of myself.

Yesterday I was offered a position as an assistant Pro at Golfclub OberStaufen Steibis and have had accepted. The head pro is an Englishman by the name of Steven Rogers and really seems to be a nice person. I will be able to do part time work as I have a day job as well with OnOff which I really am enjoying. The course is only around an hour from St Gallen so come on over and visit me please.

The point I am trying to make is that we should never give up on anything that we think is right for us or that we are really passionate about. Never give up people, never give up on ideas, never give up on dreams no matter how crazy they may seem to you or others. Be patient, be determined and don’t take “no” or “never” for an answer if you believe.

Thanks to all that have helped in the many ways that they have even if they never knew they were helping.

I will chase all my dreams, crazy and less crazy, and want you all to do just the same, its fun!!!!

Be patient and never surrender.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Happy New Year.

Keep on swinging.





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