My PGA C Trainer course so far

18 09 2011

Hi all

I have now attended two seminars and will attend my next one this coming weekend at and will stay at

There is quite a lot of work, I am taking a break from my studies to write this, but I am certain that it will not all be in vain. I have 3 years to go, whether I actually pass or fail is not relevant right now, the fact that I am doing it makes it worth while. I have learnt a massive amount about golf and a lot about people in the last 2 months, things that I thought I was beyond learning or experiencing at my tender age. Two of the guys I have met on the course and I have “clicked” and they have both been a lot of help. A big thank you from me to Karsten Wawronowitz and Erwin Pesch for their help with translation and for being on the same page as me!!!! They know what I mean.

For any of you that wish to do something like this (no matter how old!) I can only say that you should follow your dream. I honestly went through a stage where I had decided that I would not try this, mentally I was in the wrong place and had given up before I had even started. Looking at it now I am really glad that I made the jump.

Our course is currently aimed at junior and at group training and I have attached some photos below. This should also give you an idea of the cross section of ages and sexes that are taking part in the course. We even have our own Hoodie!!!!!

Where's Hoodie?

Where in the world am I?

Thanks to all of you that are interested in this and once again I can only say “follow the dream”, no matter what it is!

Keep on swinging.






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