Deutsch ist keine schwere Sprache!

5 08 2011

Hi all
Perhaps the title above is grammatically completely incorrect, but I managed to get through the first two days without too many problems. There are around 80 of us taking part and we vary in shape, size and age quite a lot. There has been a whole lot of technical/theoretical information over the last two days and tomorrow we have theory first and then we go out to the range. There’s always one at these courses, that asks the most mundane questions, and he happens to be sitting next to me…..patience Geoff, patience.
I hope to take a few photos over the coming days as well so that I may give you all an idea of what the participants look like and what the course looks like where we are. You can also find information under which is the hotel, (owned by Mr Haribo, he of sweet fame in Europe), we stay and  play at for the princely sum of 10 Euros per round! One of the hidden advantages shall we say?

Tomorrow we dig deeper into the aspect of golf material and what the technical aspects are of what makes a golf club a golf club so to speak! Then back on the range from 13h30 until round 19h00 followed by 18 holes if we can get them all in.

Any of you out there that play this mad game and are looking for something more to do with it should really consider trying this course.

Cool, so I have now also completed my hausaufgabe (homework) for tomorrow and so off to bed for this old guy! Or should I go and check out the hectic nightlife of Boppard which is the tiny village nearby, you never know who/what may be out there……noooooo its already way passed my bedtime!

Keep on swinging.






2 responses

6 08 2011

Sounds absolutely fabulous Geoff! Enjoy every moment xxx

10 08 2011

Thanks Cous.

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