Thank You: The Golf Virus

19 04 2011

Hi all
Just a quick thank you to Peter, Volker, Rolf, Luc, Marc, Beat, Oli, Marco, Markus, German, Ali, Nellie, Karl, Anne, Sue, Sandy, Martin, Peter, Anton, Pascal, Patrick, Stefan, Anna, Carmen, Silke, Freddie, Sandra (who was there but I missed), Pascale, Hanna, Conny, Angela, Karin and all the others that I cannot name now for coming to say hi and support us from Caligari Golf Equipment, (aka OnOff golf equipment), at the Golf Virus in Otelfingen over the weekend.

Your support is greatly appreciated.
For those of you that bought clubs from us may your balls fly straight and true, On the green and Off the tee.
Keep on swinging.




One response

27 04 2011
Roger Furrer

Well done with your website!!!…have fun the next two days in otelfingen…we’ll stay in touch…best regards, roger

Roger Furrer
Golf Professional

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