Week 2 South Africa 2011

20 02 2011

Hi all

Monday 14th we took the day off and road up to Pilansberg Nature Reserve and Sun City for the day. Karl had friends from his home town Gossau visiting Sun City and we had a drink with them on the Terrace at Lost City. We also saw some interesting animals in Pilansberg and I have already uploaded the Elephants fighting.

On Tuesday 15 February we played a quaint 9 hole course called Mooinooi golf club. This club is about 30 minutes away from where we are staying and well worth a visit.

Wednesday 16 February we played Randpark host to many South African Opens. We were really lucky to finish as a huge storm broke out just as we left the 18th green. In fact the lighting siren went off on hole 16 but in typical South African style we just ignored it!

Thursday 17 February we went big game hunting and shot an elephant and a few baby lions!

Friday we played 9 holes in the late afternoon with me getting real peed off by some old fart who thought the golf course belonged to him. These 2 gentlemen (I use the term loosely!!!) refused to let 3 of us through from hole 3 till hole 7 by which time the marshall of the course as well as one of the Pro’s had to get involved to let us through. Why oh why do people have to be such idiots? There was no need to behave the way they did. Suffice it to say this is why we have etiquette and why we have rules. I suppose there are idiots everywhere though.

Saturday was a quiet day spent looking at animals again in the Rhino and Lion Park. I really recommend a visit there.

Sunday we played Pecanwood again with my nephew Darren and his friend Brad. It really is nice to get to play with family.

Off to Sun City in the morning.

Keep on swinging.






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