Week one South Africa 2011

15 02 2011

Hi all

So our first week is behind us.

Karl and I have played 3 rounds together and I have played one more. Unfortunately Karl got very sick with a bad flu and had to take it easy, so we cancelled a couple of rounds. He did manage to get his 1st birdie on South African soil at Blair Atholl on the magnificent 3rd hole. It was driver and one putt for him and there was much rejoicing.

Once again a special thanks to Anton (home owner) and Walter Kruger (brother of Anton) who afforded us the chance to play this magnificent Gary Player design golf course set on Gary Players land just outside of Johnannesburg. Anton wishes to sell his house on the estate so if you are interested please let me know.

Club House Pecanwood in background

On Wednesday we played at Pecanwood (2nd round here) with Mark Coleman and Bruce. Karl was already not doing well so his round was a lot up and down (much like mine as already described!) Mark and Bruce took the winnings and we had a good laugh and a beer or two afterwards.

On Thursday we took it easy and I drove Karl around Hartebeespoort dam. We visited the snake park (really not my scene) and had an easy day.

On Friday we were supposed to play Randpark Country Club but as Karl was worse now we cancelled that as well.

Saturday I played Peacanwood and Karl just lay in bed. I was now really starting to worry about him.

On Sunday we had a tee time at Pecanwood but early in the morning we had a massive storm which flooded the course. Not only was this reason enough to cancel the morning round with my cousin Bev and her husband Kerr but Karl looked like death at 06h15 in the morning. No longer did I ask him if he wanted to go the the doctor, I forced him to go. I think he was scared of the doctors in Africa! Long story short Karl had a really bad cold. The doctor  prescribed medication which he took once we got home and lo and behold he was strong again by the afternoon. So Karl, no need to be afraid of the doctors in Africa.

Monday as most courses are closed in South Africa we drove out to Pilansberg Nature Reserve. We were very lucky in that we saw a lot of interesting animals with the best being 2 young elephant bulls fighting. We then went to Sun City where we met some of Karls friends from his hometown Gossau. It really is nice to see how excited people get when they see each other in the most unexpected places.

Well thats about it for now. We are having a really great time and I will keep you all posted in about a week again.

Oh and the most amazing thing happened to me tonight. I was having supper in the restaurant in Pecanwood with my nephew and his family when I noticed Sam Torrance walking past. Of course being the shy quiet type I am I immediately jumped up and went and shook hands with him. What a really unexpected pleasure it was.

Keep on swinging.






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