Wonderfully strange game

12 11 2010

Hi all

I have had a rather interesting last two weeks with regard to my golf. Over the last 5 or so rounds I have constantly shot in the region of 5 over par with my best round being 3 over. Now considering the conditions that we currently have in Switzerland, wet cold and basically sh…y, I am both very happy and at the same time frustrated. I have had around 8 to 12 birdie chances on these rounds and have only managed at best to convert one of these per round! Now I know you are all saying that he must be a terrible putter but is there some blame to be laid on the greens that we have? And then this adds to the mental anguish that one has knowing there are all these possibilities but not being able to convert them. Do any of you suffer from the same  or similar problem and is anyone out there that can share some light on this and help me understand how best to deal with this?

Keep on swinging.






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