A Bridge too far?

25 10 2010

Hi all
I don’t think I am going to achieve the target handicap of 4 this season sadly. This doesn’t mean that I am not still working on getting there, in fact there is little that will stop me.
But and here’s the but, I just never seemed to get all things working properly at the right times this season. I had some really great rounds of golf but sadly most were around 6 to 7 handicap region. What frustrated me the most this season is knowing that I am sooooo close to shooting a level par or better round and then not doing it. One round stands out where I played 5 over par and this 5 over was one hole which was a par 4.
Of course I also had rounds I would rather forget! The trick I think is in believing in chasing your dream and I intend to keep chasing until I get there.

Keep on swinging.






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