Fun 9 holes today

8 10 2010

Hi all
Today I played a round at my golf course with 3 very nice people and just wanted to thank Hans and Jacky Seeger and Monika Hebi. Monika is a beginner but has a really good swing and will get there sooner than she thinks. She also passed a very funny comment. She said to me on the 9th fairway that I play less shots than she walks, meaning that it would take her a couple (ok sometimes more than a couple) of shots to get to where I was. The way in which it was said was really funny and it actually hurt I laughed so much. Moni not too worry you got far better value for your money as you had more shots than me.
Once again thanks for a good walk and see you soon.

Keep on swinging.





2 responses

9 11 2010
Monika Hegi

Hey Geoff, finally i read your comment about our 9 holes round in waldkirch. i’m very pleased you had fun with us and about my comment. if you promise me, that i get still a better value for my money and have more shots as you will have , i’ll join one day a trip you organise. is this a bet?
thanks for the compliment about my futuring swing and skills. hard to believe for me. but i believe in your skills to judge.
keep on beeing so nice. Jacky and Hans enjoyed to play with you to.

10 11 2010

Hi there Moni

Thanks for taking the time to add your comments to my web blog. If you come on a trip with me you will have more shots than me so therefore your value for money is much higher than mine….gael, so this means you have to join us on a trip one day. I really do think your swing is very good for someone that has been playing for such a short time, if you keep at it you will see that my judgement is good. Please send eine gruss zu Jacky und Hans when you see them again.
Take care

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