Whoop Whoop

30 09 2010

Howdy all

I played with 2 very nice guys Carl Wick and Robin Schlauri. Called Carl a German when his Austrian (sorry Carl) and he got me back by calling me English and not South African so all square there! Carl is a PE teacher at a high school in Zurich and a keen sportsman. Robin is one of our younger club members and has a wonderful swing and good length off the tees. A really nice young man and a pleasure to play with both of you. Robin I hope you realize how lucky you are to have a dad that encourages you to play this crazy game, keep on working at it, you have all the tools you need to become a really good player.

7 over in the tournament today so a very happy bunny. Only downside is that it could, should, would have been better. I had 10 birdie chances and of those 5 were within 2 meters and I managed to convert only one on the eighteenth, so I never surrended! Directly after the round I booked myself in for a putting lesson which is done with a technology that actually reads the entire putt action. Its called Sam Lab and I will keep you posted on the results. Thanks to a discussion with one of our teaching pros Jill at the club I feel confident that I have not lost the plot and will get there eventually.

Keep on swinging.





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