Training Routine Geoff Style

1 09 2010

Hi all

I have been wanting to share my training routine with you all for a long time now and never felt comfortable doing it. This changed when I played in Hittnau on Sunday morning with a friend and follower of my Blog Andreas. He said that he had applied some of my Geoff swing ideas to his game and it had helped him.

So my routines are fairly simple and you need to find if any of these work for you.

  • I do NOT spend half an hour doing warm up exercises as I find this a complete waste of time. Take a 8 or 9 iron in your hands and make around 10 half swings without a ball, increase this swing to 3/4 swings and then to a full swing doing around 10 swings each time without the ball. At the end of the through swing hold the pose at the top of the swing to stretch the muscles. As odd is this may sound your swing is never the same and this gives you and your brain an idea as to what your swing is on the day. Added benefit is that it warms up all the correct muscles for your GOLF swing without tiring the muscles out. Unless you have been diagnosed with some sort of muscle problem and are under strict doctors orders to do a warm up routine then this should suffice.
  • Take one bucket of balls, divide these into piles of 3 balls in each pile.  Make sure your piles of balls are also not all within reach as this will slow your routine down which is critical. You need to hit one, walk away and then hit the next one. In a round of golf you are never hitting one ball directly after the other so why on earth do this when you practice? In the time the person next to you has beaten out a complete bucket of balls (and learnt nothing) you should not even be half way through your bucket (nearly said balls but this may have sounded odd!) Ok so the reason why I divide them into 3’s is because I divide my 18 holes into 3’s as well. By this I mean I play 3 holes 6 times in a round and NEVER 18 holes. 1st 3, (am I 1 over, 1 under or level par) and once they are finished they are finished. I forget them and move onto my next 3 holes and so on and so on…….So get used to the 3’s. This seems to be an easier way to cope with 18 holes physically as well as mentally, try it.
  • With your sub piles of 3’s concentrate on one aspect of the swing, tempo, take away, ball position etc and hit the 1st 2 balls focused on this only and the 3rd ball concentrate on what your body is telling you. By this I mean am I hitting it sweet or not. Feel the swing on the 3rd shot as this is what you are trying to achieve on the course. Try to focus on the feel/result and not the technical aspect on the 3rd shot.
  • “Play” a round of golf on the driving range, it needs a bit of imagination but can really be fun and will help your game. If as an example the 1st hole at your course is a par 4 then play this on the range. Driver as tee shot and then be critical about the result. Is the ball on the fairway, is it in the rough? Play the 2nd shot (according to your critical analysis of the 1st shot) to the “green” and once again be critical. Play a chip or pitch shot if you “missed” the green. Of course you cannot putt but you learn to play under a fair amount of pressure this way and this makes playing the actual round a bit easier. Do this as often as possible of the grass and avoid practicing of mats as much as possible
  • Chip Chip Chip Pitch Pitch Pitch. Know its sounds boring and you have heard it before a hundred times but this is where you can save shots. To make it interesting try and do it with a friend, husband,wife, girl/boyfriend. This adds the challenge of trying to “out chip” each other and at the same time you get used to making theses shots under pressure. If you are alone do not chip all the balls from the same lie directly in front of you. Instead spread the balls out and chip them as they lie. Try different clubs, from a 6 iron or less all the way to a lob wedge if you have one in your bag. I have found that if I am struggling with my chipping I chip one bucket and try and make it a hands and arm movement only and never look up until I have completed the entire bucket. This has helped me in the past to be very passive over the ball and reduce body movement.
  • Putt Putt Putt Putt. I know this is boring for most of us but this really is where you can win or lose. Take 10 balls, surround the hole by dropping them all about a metre from the hole. You can make this more or less depending upon what you are trying to learn. Then putt each and every ball into the hole. You are not allowed to stop until you have sunk all the balls. This does mean you sometimes get home real real late. Many of us struggle on the short putts, especially downhill breaking shot putts. Try putting balls against each other roughly 20 to 30 centimetres apart. Like playing snooker. The golf ball is 2.5 times smaller than the hole. If you learn to putt and strike the ball on a regular basis this increases the chances of sinking these short difficult putts dramatically. Simple mind game when you stand over a similar short putt on the round is not to think about putting the ball into the hole but instead to “hit” the ball in front of the hole thereby taking the sinking of the putt thoughts out of the mind.

Hope these help you. I would like feedback from any of you that try any of these, both positive and negative.

Cheers and keep on swinging….





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