Golf Training Camp in Italy

7 08 2010

Hi all

Been back a week now from my trip to Italy and “Boot Camp” golf.

Back to school

The concept is somehow very European and not something one would expect to find in my home country of South Africa. The basic idea is that you spend a few days in a group, in my case 10 people, half the day on the range and the other half on the course applying what you learnt on the range. As there is a range of handicaps and therefore varying levels of skill and experience it is at times frustrating and at times rewarding.

One of the things that really stuck with me is the fact that Nadine kept making it quite clear that learning this game is really a question of quality as opposed to quantity. By this she means it is only a really amateur golfer that spends hour upon hour hitting balls. All this really achieves is you learn to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Take what you have learnt on the range and apply it to a PRACTICE round by not looking at your score or for that matter keeping your score. It is the 1st step in really taking your range work to the course and it works. And this is what a lot of us are missing, the simple transition of range to course and back again. We beat balls for hours and then think we have the game to go and play forgetting that the 1st round or 2 should really just be practice rounds to apply what we have done on the range. We also worked a lot on body posture, keeping your core stable and really letting the arms/hands relax and do the work.

Someone has to do it!

We played at which is really a great set up with one “easier” and one championship course. Accommodation was at and I can highly recommend both.

I am more or less happy with where I find my game now and still have a long way to go. Goal is and will remain the 4 handicap before the end of this season.

Had to include a photo of Nadine and me as well of course.



I am also planning golf trips to South Africa from December through to April and will furnish you all with details shortly. If you wish to have some information on this before I post it please let me know.

And last but not least I had to take a photo of this sign in Italy. Those of us around the world whose mother tongue is English please oh please tell me how to say 883nd!


Keep on swinging.






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