Comments made by others on my ‘Help’ post

26 07 2010

I have copied and posted 2 more comments on my ‘Help’ post from Andre and Harold as well as my response.

fight baby fight!!!!! come on man: it’s 3 strokes…you know how to play this f*** game…so just play it and forget about the f*** target…if someone can make it, then you bru!!! so keep on walking!!!
Cheers Harold, just really frustrated at the moment, there are many people that I feel I am letting down as they think I can do it as well. Its just getting those 2 maybe 3 holes sorted and then I am away.

Harold response
As I keep telling you: this is your sport. This is your industry. You are the man for this damn sport!!! In Swiss German there is a saying which a young sports girls once said in public: “gring abe u säckle!!!!” Which means like: get your head down and keep on running!!!
And my friend: you are a very stubborn person. So to be honest: I do not see why you should not be stubborn enough to make it!!!!

And from Andre

Yo bro

What else is there to do?
Of course you keep on!
Carry on my friend!!!!!!
and response
Thanks China. If there are any people in this world that know this then its you and me I suppose?

So firstly thanks to all who responded either on my blog,email, personally or phone. I was venting my frustrations and not giving up, not something I am known to do so why start now?
Off to a 4 day training clinic in Italy tomorrow with my new coach and will post an update next week.
Cheers and keep on swinging




2 responses

28 07 2010

Hey Bru,
Vas byt !!! All you need is that one perfect round!! You know you close to it!!
So Vas byt and show us how it’s done!! We standing behind you because we know you can do it!!

1 08 2010

Thanks Roger, no worries not about to give up……

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