25 07 2010

Hey all I need some help from you.
My handicap is going up and not down!!!!!!!!! In the last month I have gone up from 7 to 7.5 and the sad thing is that I feel as if I am close to playing the perfect round but then manage to screw up at least 1 or 2 holes. I thought that by now I would have achieved my required 4.4 but this is not the case. What to do, give up or fight on?




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26 07 2010

WHAT??? Are you a quitter? After all the effort you have one blimp and you want to can your dream? Take a week off and analyse your mistakes. Once you are relaxed you will realise that quitting is not an option. Get those negative thoughts out your brain.

26 07 2010

Hey Walter, no I am not a quitter, anyone that survives Parkies must be able to do just about anything. Just having a shit time and am so frustrated as I know I am sooooo f……close but just keep falling short. I am off to Italy for a 4 day training camp tomorrow and hope that my coach can kick me real hard where it hurts most and get me focused again. Thanks for you support, hope to see you soon in SA again, perhaps do the Cape Area this time and expect you and Karin to make some time to join me. Cheers

26 07 2010

Giving up is not an option Mr Sayman! What are you talking about – get these thoughts right of your mind – and there are four ways to do so: By yourself and your own logic, by going to see your coach – or by going to a shrink – or last but worst – see me and I’ll smack you so hard you won’t have any brain left with the wrong thoughts!! 🙂

Keep looking for yor 4.5… Lg Gerry

26 07 2010

Hi Gerry

Just getting it off my chest. I am not one that gives up easily I am just so f….ing frustrated at the moment with my game. I am off to a 4 day golf clinic tomorrow with my coach and 9 other players in Italy and hope that this gets me back on track. If not I will come and get that smack from you…..



1 08 2010

Hey Geoff, anything worth having was never achieved without sweat and tears.
Just make sure that you’re still enjoying yourself!

Good luck!

1 08 2010

Hey Dorothy, thanks I know you are right, just went through a bit of a downer and needed to vent somewhere…

Also really good to know that there is a lot of support out there.



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