Taking a break

29 06 2010

I have not written much lately as I have not had much to tell you all.
I have found a new coach who is going to help me achieve my dream I am sure. Have a look at her website http://www.golfnadine.com. We have had 4 sessions together and she has concentrated on the mental side and what one needs to do in tournament play. I will be off to Italy on a 4 day training camp with her the end of July.
I have also been playing and practicing a lot and have been told by Nadine that I need to take a break from golf so am busy with a renovation project at home for the next few days.

Dorothy if you are around and feel like a game sometime in mid July please let me know.

Thanks all for the support.






2 responses

29 06 2010

Hi Geoff
Your life sounds so great to me!! I hope you’re enjoying every moment – whether it’s the practising or the house renovation – the training camp in Italy sounds especially wonderful, lucky man!!
My golf just will not improve – very stubborn!! I was playing a lot but am now taking it slowly because I’m cheesed off and the weather is not so great either!! Also busy with my granddaughter during these long school holidays.
We’re still loving the soccer!! Monique arrives from Dubai tomorrow to watch a game or two – it’ll be so good to spend time with her again!
Stay well!

6 07 2010

Hi Bev

Hope you are all well and enjoying the Footie and time with Monique. My game is also taking strain, I went to hit some balls in the nets at the local golf shop and was not a happy bunny afterwards. I am playing 9 again on Friday afternoon with my coach, hope she can save me……
Take care.

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