Rain Rain Rain Rough Rough Rough

27 05 2010

Hi all

The title says it all just about.

Switzerland has been under a cloud for about 6 weeks now on and off. There has been the odd day of sunshine and in fact we celebrated last week because it actually went above 20 degrees.

I have been practicing more or less each day and have tried to play a few rounds in between the rain. It has not been pleasant to say the least. Added to this my home club has an agreement with the state not to cut the rough at our golf course until the 15th June!  Something to do with the birds and the bees I hear? This means that if you play golf like I do, all risk-all fun, you hit the ball just 10 metres off target and its into knee deep rough. If, and it’s a large if, you happen to find the ball its nearly impossible to play it out. I know of no professional tournament that would host a round in these conditions as frankly they are not reflective of the true spirit of the game. Sounds like I am bitching and you would be quite right………!

Through all of this I have managed to keep my handicap at 7 after playing in a tournament in Kyburg Golf Club near to Zurich. Its  a tough course but very very well maintained and a pleasure to play on. Have a look at their website http://www.golf-kyburg.ch/kyburg-index-en.php

So all in I am quickly running out of time and at the moment I feel that its really a bridge too far. I set myself a goal of achieving a handicap of 4 by end July and am uncertain that I will now get there in time. I will keep you posted.

Cheers for now.





2 responses

28 05 2010

No idea what you’re complaining about – rain or shine, you’re always on the course anyway!

1 06 2010

just in case you all think I am having fun…..

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