Thank you to a volcano some tournament success

26 04 2010

Hi all

I was lucky enough to be invited to play in a Swiss PGA Pro Am tournament on the 18th April at Wylihof Golf Course which is around 2 hours drive from home. The reason I was invited was thanks to the volcano in Iceland (don’t ask me to name it….) and many of the players could not make it. One of the members in our team (we played American Scramble) took 29 hours to get to the course from Sweden. Its normally a 4 hour flight apparently, so he was pretty determined to play with. And just as well. We shot 13 under par for our 18 holes, (I was there but did not contribute that much…..), and it was a complete pleasure to play with Alex Chopard who is currently the number one player in Switzerland. Every time we were in the poo poo Alex would somehow conjure up a miracle shot to save us. This golf course is apparently rated as one of the more difficult in Switzerland and at just over 6500 metres the longest. Have a look at the site if you have some time, sorry all in Deutsch…. but not that difficult to navigate

On Saturday the 24th I played in the qualification round for our club Match Play competition and shot a very nice 4 over par, getting my handicap cut from 8 to 7 so heading in the right direction. Need to get 2.6 more off of the handicap and then I try the P.A.T and then find a job as an apprentice. Long way to go but I have time….I won the tournament and am very grateful to all that have supported me in my endeavours thus far and hope that I get there sooner than later.

On Sunday I played in the 1st round of the Match Play but sadly lost 1 down to Mario Steger. As strange as it may sound there are some people I don’t mind losing to and Mario is one of them. Good luck for the rest of the match play, I hope you end up with the cup in your hands at the end of it all, you deserve it.




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16 05 2010
Sliced Biltong

Hi Geoff!

Good to see you are puting in a couple of good rounds lately, don’t give up on your dream, keep plugging away like I know you will, keep shooting in the mid seventies and not long now and you will get what you really deserve.


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