Where is Spring, never mind Summer?

1 04 2010

Hi all

Sorry for the lack of communication but I have been kind of busy.

The weather has not really helped much lately and the fact that I am consulting again to my previous employer has also kind of slowed my progress down. Got to try and earn some money you know….

I have played a few rounds at Waldkirch on winter greens and have been striking the ball very well. It no real reflection on my golf, but I have had rounds that had I putted well then the results would have ranged between 1 under and 4 over par so I am happy.

I have also started giving some lessons again (assisting my friends) in getting their games back in order for the season assuming we have a season this year!!!!!!!!!!!!! My intention is to try and help with the mental aspect of this game this season and I strongly believe that I can help here, I am mental after all. As I am not qualified yet to teach (no piece of paper) there is nothing to stop me from trying to help in this way. Its kind of odd. Golf is very much a mental game. You need a certification to teach the physical aspect of golf but nothing to teach the mental aspect other than a good understanding of how the mind works in the beautiful game. If there is one area where we can all grow ourselves and get better it must be this area.

As I write this it is snowing outside, man this is sad for us golfers. I will be out there again this weekend as its warming right up to around 10 degrees. Helping (teaching) and practicing this weekend on the drei loch platz ( 3 hole practice course) in Forest Church (Waldkirch) on Saturday and  Sunday and will play a round on Monday perhaps.

I want to plan a golf trip for a long weekend sometime in May/June with a group of around 8 to the Milan area. If any of you are keen to join let me know, I will arrange everything. If you have any suggestions then pass these on too.

Hope to see some of you crazy people out there too.

Cheer for now.




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