3rd week in Sun City

22 02 2010

Friday 12th to Sunday 21st at Sun City

So I took off the 12th to have a day of rest and to do some training at the driving range at Lost City Golf Course. I spent a lot of time working on keeping myself swinging ‘inside the barrel’. This basically means that you try to keep yourself swinging around your spine so that there is not too much lateral head and body movement. The way it was shown to me by Wayne Westner is that you stand between two chairs both touching your hips on your left and right side and swing without moving them laterally. What I use on the range is two steel iron shafts which have the same effect. This has helped in keeping my core more solid resulting in better contact into the ball. I will be happy to show anyone this tip if they wish me to.

One of my guests for two weeks was Tamara who I met in Sankt Gallen and is a physiotherapist. She came with at the last minute and  helped me by doing much of the video shoots that I intend to upload once I am back in Switzerland. She spent 2 weeks here and I think knows my swing pretty well by now. I believe she has also got the golf bug! On this particular day I stopped after hitting 3 buckets in the very hot African sun. I had one bucket left and she asked very politely whether she may hit a few balls. She ended up hitting the entire bucket and somehow managed to hit the bucket with the last ball which then hit her on the knee. So perhaps the bug will not bite as she may think that golf is a contact Sport.

On Saturday I had an old school friend Walter Kruger and his lovely wife Karen join me and we played the Lost City Golf Course. It was really nice to see him after more than 28 years and we had a good round of golf.  I shot an 80 and was happy with my golf. We played against 2 other guys and managed to win the princely sum of R1.00 and this only on the last hole. Having said that Walter and I did give them 9 strokes based upon our combined handicaps so we did well. Thanks Walter it was great seeing you again. Sunday was spent partly on the range practising my short game and just taking it easy.

On Monday I played the Lost City Course again and met a very nice young couple,Lindsay Combrink and Ronald Wichman. Man talk about talent! And relax Ronald, I am referring to Lindsay’s golf. It is a long long time since I have had the privilege to play with someone that is so naturally talented. She hits the ball a long way, most times longer than me(yes I did cry a little inside) and straight as an arrow. Of course the gods did bring her down a peg or two as they are wont to do but I cannot begin to really explain how great it was to see. Lindsay I will say it again, use this talent and as long as I have space for you in Switzerland to come out and try the ladies tour in Europe my family will welcome you with open arms. Yes Ronald, you are more than welcome too. It was a pleasure meeting both of you and I wish you all the very best. Ronald and Lindsay spent the night with me as I was an old man and told them that they could only leave the next day on their 8 hour homeward journey. I shot an 80.

Hans was back with me on the 18th and I shot the best round thus far with a really nice 74 on the Gary Player Golf Course. I was so happy with my round on one of the most challenging courses in South Africa. We met and played with Michael (a South African living in Sydney and moving to Dallas Texas) and his wonderful wife Cindy. It was just one of those rounds when it all came together and if I hadn’t dropped one shot on the 17th and 18th it would have been level par.
My sister Jenny arrived the evening of the 18th and Hans and Tamara left on the morning of the 19th .
No golf on the 19th but roll on the 20th.
I played LCGC with my cousin Beverly and her husband Kerr, my sister and my good friend Harold Frey who is Swiss and working currently in SA for SAP. We had a great round and experienced many interesting things on our round from the crocodiles on the 13th to Impala on the 11th and a Black Mamba on the road up to the 17th t box. The Mamba is one of the fiercest snakes in the world and we were only too happy that it left us alone. Estimated size was around 4 to 6 foot so not something you want to mess with. We played as a 5 ball (only in Africa) and sadly it took 7 hours. I managed to shoot an 80 and lost some money as I was convinced that I would shoot a par round and bet against myself. So I paid up and shut up after the round!

On the 21st it was back to GPCC for my final round in Sun City on this trip. I played with Bev, Kerr and Harold and it was a perfect day again weather wise. A good 30 degrees at least and a perfectly blue sky. 2 over after 9 with a bogey on the 9th and managed to shoot a 77 with a birdie, par, birdie finish.

What a great way to finish up at this amazing place. It is filled with happy and very friendly and warm people, from the caddy’s through to the management and I cannot thank them enough for their hospitality and all the effort they went to to make the stay for Mr Saayman a very memorable one. In particular I wish to thank my caddy from GPCC Peter who is amazing as well as William from the LCGC. I am sure that I will miss out many people that I should thank but will try all the same. In no particular order, Antonie Els and the ladies Emma and Olga that were most helpful with my t times, Frans and Alpheus from the two golf courses, Lu, Moses, Peter N, Reuben, Victor, Abbott, and all those whose names I cannot at the moment remember – you are all wonderful people and I wish you only the very best. I will be back and we will have many laughs together again I am sure.

Cheers for now





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12 08 2010

Tell me Geoff, did you shoot these scores off the ladies tees or did you give yourself a mulligan on each hole? Only joking, keep up the hard work and I know you will get there.

Cheers for now,

15 08 2010

What’s wrong with playing off the ladies tees? Actually 2 mulligans per hole and played scramble taking whoever had the best shot and then using that, think I would have shot under par at least then but as you know its not easy………cheers

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