The Challenge

17 02 2010

Hello all

Below is the challenge that I have set myself for 2010 in more or less a nutshell. Please let me know what you all think.

My goal is to pass the so called Swiss PGA’s ‘playing ability test’ by the end of 2010. This test requires you to shoot a max of 8 over par per round in an accredited professional tournament over 3 days. This is only the start of the quest, thereafter I will need to find a good job as an apprentice at a golf course and be mentored by an A graded teaching pro. After completing the 3 year course successfully I will become a registered teaching professional with the right to play pro tournaments in Switzerland and some in Europe with the senior tour being the realistic goal.

So all in I have given myself 6 to 8 months to jump the 1st hurdle, then the next 3 years are all about fun and hard work until I reach the ultimate goal. I have already set a goal thereafter. It’s to find a talent in Switzerland that I can turn into a great success in the world of golf, hopefully getting this person to the top ten in the world. Pie in the sky perhaps, but without a dream and the desire to do something about it, nothing will ever happen and we will never know. There are times when I think it will never happen and times when I think it will be easy as pie! I am sure that if we put it to the vote then the outcome would be divided. I will by nature side with those that think it’s possible and play on until it’s done.

Let me know what you guys all think, auf deutsch, or in English.

Thanks and I am off to the practice range now…………..






8 responses

18 02 2010

Hey Dude,

If there is anybody that can do it, it’s you.
You know that you have what it takes!!! Go for it!!!!
As for finding talent in Switzerland, no problem, I should still be playing in 3 years time (-;
Take it easy, enjoy the rest of your time down in SA.

19 02 2010

Thanks Roger the Dodger, will keep you in mind 3 years from now…… Cheers

18 02 2010

You’ll make it – I have no doubt!
But next time you decide on intensive Sun City golf therapy – I’m coming with you!

19 02 2010

Thanks my darling wife, it will be easy with you and next time I will force you to come for therapy!

22 02 2010

After your weeks at Sun City you’re certainly on your way to achieving what you’ve set out to do.

22 02 2010

Hi there Bev. Lots and lots of work, if you can call it work, still to do but I think I will make it eventually. Thanks again for the fun in Sun City and I look forward to seeing you and Kerr in sunny Switzerland sometime soon. Cheers

23 02 2010
Anwen Cazzetta

Hey Geoff…looks great….I like the “Saayman says” thing…cool! We all know you can do it! Good luck and go for it, man!
Great photos, by the way…of course….SA is a beautiful country….good advertising aswell. Keep well..Anwen

23 02 2010

Hey Anwen
Thanks for the note on my webblog, hope to see you guys soon.

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