Eight more days in Paradise

14 02 2010

Golf to me is and always should be about the people that play this crazy game.

I joined a group on Sunday 7th February for 18 holes at the GPCC. In the 4 ball were 2 South Africans and one guy from India. Ranjar and Kobus, (left and 2nd from left in picture), are in business together and 1 other player. We had a great round of golf and I managed to shoot 10 over par 82 on the GPCC. These 3 guys made the round lots of fun and I hope that our paths cross again sometime.

On the 8th February I played a round at Lost City Golf Course with my nephew and his father in law Gerhardt. The pressure was on me to perform as Dylan knows that I want to play serious golf and am here to get the handicap down so I can start the PGA course. So all this added pressure caused me to play like a complete banana! Not too sure if bananas play golf but if they did I can only imagine this is how they would play. As we were playing stableford and not stroke play I was able to hide the really bad holes by simply picking up and taking a scratched hole! Not quite the way I like to play golf but there you have it. Had I scored each and every shot there is a possibility that we would still be out there.

Roll on 9th February and there was light at the end of the tunnel. Playing a much tougher course in the Gary Player Course at Sun City I shot a credible 10 over par 82. After the bad round the day before this seemed almost as good as winning the Nedbank Challenge which is played each December in Sun City.

10th and 11th February saw me with my very good friends Hans and Maude. I have known them for around 20 years and am known to them as T bone Geoff. Hans and Maude are the owners of a very successful butchery/supermarket in Johannesburg and are part of the reason I have such a big stomach….. We played GPCC on the 10th and I shot par, birdie, sting! In case you think I have lost it I was bitten by something after a pulled tee shot off the 3rd tee box. Neither my caddy Peter nor I saw what had bitten me but man did it hurt. I still managed to chip out to the fairway but was in a lot of pain. ‘Taking your medicine’ on the golf course took on a whole new meaning suddenly. My left wrist became very swollen and it was decided that it would be best if I got back for medical attention asap. I was picked up by the medics and taking straight through to emergencies at the local doctor. He was also uncertain what had bitten me but was fairly confident that after around 30 minutes after the incident that it wasn’t a snake. He gave me 2 injections in the butt which I think hurt more than the sting. I was told to take it easy but realized that if I could get a lift back to the course then I would be able to finish the back 9 at least. Not wanting to give up the chance to play golf I quickly arranged my medicine from the chemist and got my lift back to the course. Timing was perfect as my playing partners were just leaving the 9th as I arrived thus allowing me to play the back 9 with my swollen wrist. Not too sure what I shot as I was a bit spaced out on the medicine that the doctor had given me. On the 11th we played Lost City and I shot 77. Things are really starting to look good but I don’t want to get my hopes up. The golfing gods much be left in peace.

As I was saying golf is all about the people that you meet on the course and the fun that you have with them. The world is also a very small place. I was not planning to play on the 12th February but managed to find a spot at 0810. After booking in I was walking out of the pro shop and saw someone that I knew from Switzerland. Someone that had been a good customer of mine when I worked in the golf shop in Zurich. Man were we surprised to see each other. Heinz Schneider and his wife Ingrid are on a world tour and were only in Sun City for 2 nights. What are the chances of this happening? We arranged to play together and it was once again a great round for me shooting 77 with the chance again of making a far better score had just a few putts dropped. My caddy and I worked out that I missed 6 birdie putts so it was a great round on the Gary Player Golf Course. They come around for a braai at the unit I am staying in and brought a friend of theirs Mike Loewke who had just arrived from the US. They are off to the coast tomorrow and I wish them a safe trip.

A very proud great uncle pictured with Thomas James, the future of golf looks bright.

Well that’s all for now.

I will have a new post end of next week and hope that all is well with all of you? Further to this I will be spending more time with Wayne Westner and will upload the training videos we have done in the hope that they help you as much as they have helped me.

Cheers for now.




2 responses

15 02 2010

It’s just not fair!!! Would love to play Lost City!!!
Enjoy, here its cold cold cold!!!

Take care,


17 02 2010

It’s been great fun, would have been great if you could have come with. See you in sunny CH soon.

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