Update on Demo Days

20 05 2008

Hello again


I confess that I have been a bit lazy lately and it’s been a while since I last wrote about what’s been going on in the Golf Industry and specifically the demo days that I have been doing all over Switzerland.


So here we go…….


My 1st Demo Day for Callaway Golf was on the 29th March 2008 in Golf Club Sierre followed by Golf Club Sion on the 30th March. I was representing Callaway at these venues for a golf group called Golf Zone www.golfzone.ch which is owned and run by a fellow South African by the name of Pierre Sollberger. Both days were pretty windy and cold but I think still very successful. If you ever in this area please pop in to say hi to him, he is most helpful and it was a pleasure working with him. I had the privilege of meeting Frédérique Seeholzer, www.frederiqueseeholzer.ch, who sometimes assists Callaway at Demo Days. She is a great personality and is extremely enthusiastic about golf and life in general. Her prime concern is that the ball does not roll far after landing, so we are working on finding a Driver that makes this possible. Fredi, we all wish that we had similar problems with our golf!! What a swing, very dull as the ball always goes in the same direction, so she gets to see a lot less of the golf course unlike we mere mortals! I offered to be her caddy if she qualifies for the German Open so here’s to hoping that she does. I am sure it will be great fun. I wish you all the best of success.


The following weekend (5th and 6th April) I was at Golf Course Leuk (Golf Zone) on the Saturday and at Golf Club Lausanne (Michael Moore is owner of shop and resident Pro) on the Sunday. The weather sadly to say was not great. It was very windy at Leuk Golf Course but the attendance was not too bad. Leuk Golf course really looks like a tough course. It is essentially a links style course in the valleys of Switzerland and I believe not easy to tame. I spoke to Etienne Werhli of Ping Golf, who used to play professionally, and he informs me that the course is not for ‘chickens’ so take lots of balls if you ever go to play there.

It actually snowed in the morning on the Sunday in Lausanne and I thought that they would cancel the demo day. I did not realize just how resilient golfers in Switzerland are, as they surprised me by turning up simply ignoring the bad weather.


This was followed by a mad rush at Otelfingen Golf www.golferparadise.ch  course the next Saturday and a crazy day at Losone Golf Course http://www.golfespace.ch on the Sunday. You could not hand out the demo clubs quickly enough in Otelfingen as we were swamped by people keen to try out the new toys. In Losone we had a family of 4 that was waiting for us to set up, they proceeded to try all the equipment that was on offer the whole day, and were still there when we packed up around 5 that afternoon. It was a successful day at both venues for all concerned. Once again however the weather was not great.


Suffice it to say that one demo day is much like another, lots of people, lots of fun and just a little stress as you watch people trying to hit draws and fades without any idea how to swing and then blaming the golf club of course when they do not succeed! I keep asking people to put a ‘little straight’ on the ball and they will greatly enjoy their golf more. There is no need to be able to hit it like Ernie, you aren’t Ernie so work with what you have, keep it simple and remember you are not paid to go out and win, so go out and have a laugh, it makes the round a lot more fun and those playing with you will soon calm down and enjoy themselves much more. 


I must say that working with Callaway Golf on the weekends has been good fun and it has given me a chance to really get back into my 1st love. I am very happy to report that Callaway offers some of the best clubs that are available on the market today and believe that they really do strive to cover all the golfing abilities from real beginner to the Pro with most of their focus being on you the average golfer. If you have the time go along to Umbrail Sports in Waldkirch and try out the I-Mix fitting system, you will be amazed at what can be offered and at the results or better still let me fit you on one of my demo days.


As a last tidbit I have ordered the new Callaway X Prototype irons for myself as played by Ernie Els. Only 20 sets are being sent to Switzerland so I am really privileged. These are really a classical blade style club and I recommend that you take a look at them online if you have a chance. I will give you feedback on them just as soon as I have been out to play with them.


Cheers for now.


p.s I will be adding pictures soon……




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