More on Buyer’s Basics and my return to the Golf industry!

21 02 2008

Hi everyone

I have just added the latest page on buyer’s basics after a brief break due to my day job! This page deals with the shafts and what to look out  for when buying a set and what impact a too stiff or too flexible shaft could have on your game. You can find the information here.
I have also decided that the German site will have to wait a while as translating is further slowing things down.

I leave tomorrow on a golf trip to South Africa with a small group and will post some video and photos whilst there. I come back on the 17th. The good news is that although I am keeping my day job I will be back in golf – I start doing demo and fitting days with Callaway around Switzerland when I return. I will post this schedule when I get back.

One other  interesting thing is that I will  also be doing two nights per week of club fitting and giving lessons at the new indoor range in St Gallen on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  Email me a time that would suit you on those evenings and I will be happy to help you.

Cheers for now and happy golfing.





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