Intro to Buyer’s Basics

27 01 2008

One of the things that really bothers me in this industry – especially here in Switzerland – is the lack of good, professional advice available to golfers when it comes to purchasing golf equipment. In my experience, the average golf hardware sales person has very little actual knowledge about the different options available, and very often their “expert advice” on which clubs you should buy is based more on the amount of commission they receive than on what is right for you! In many cases, these people don’t even play golf and have no firsthand experience. So many people end up with the wrong (expensive) equipment, and the game of golf becomes more difficult and more frustrating than it needs to be. That’s not to say that the correct equipment will suddenly allow you to play like Tiger Woods of course – but it certainly makes the job easier if you have the right tools.

So I’ve started a section called “Buyer’s Basics”. This section will give you the basic knowledge you need to see through the sales hype and at least have a good understanding of all the terminology that sales people use to confuse you and convince you of their “expertise”.

The first section covers Types of Irons, and explains the different options available to you in terms of the materials used in their manufacture and the different designs.

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