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2 01 2008

Geoff Saayman

My name is Geoff Saayman, and I am fanatical about golf. In the truest sense of the word…! Just ask anyone who knows me!

I first joined a golf club in the late 1990’s and managed to get my handicap down to single figures within 3 years. As you might imagine, that entailed some serious passion and dedication. I’ve been known to spend entire vacations playing 36 holes a day, every day… sadly, some of my (ex) friends just didn’t understand that when I said I was going on vacation to play golf, I meant exactly that!

When my family and I moved from South Africa to Switzerland in 2001 I wanted to use the opportunity to move into the professional golf world. My handicap wasn’t low enough to become a pro or a teacher, so I did the next best thing & started working in a golf store, the largest golf group in Switzerland. During my 3.5 years there, I learned a lot about golf equipment and completed a club fitting course in 2004. I also made many friends and have a support base of golfers throughout Eastern Switzerland.

My most memorable moments in golf thus far – I met Ernie Els at Leopard Creek Golf Course in South Africa … and I achieved a hole in one on a 193 metre par 3 in Waldkirch Golf Club, Switzerland!

Financial necessities have taken me out of golf since then, but my passion and enthusiasm for the game has not waned. Nor, it seems, have my golfing friends forgotten me – I’m constantly being asked my opinion on the latest clubs & balls, how to correct a slice or draw, and when I’m going to get back into the industry…

So that’s what this blog is all about. It’s a way for me to keep in touch with what’s happening in the field. And to keep you up to date with what’s new in golf equipment, what I’ve been learning about golf, and just generally what I think and feel. I hope you enjoy reading / watching as much as I’m going to enjoy putting this together.




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2 01 2008

Hi there

Will you be discussing all the new equipment for 2008 at any stage?


2 01 2008
Saayman Says ...

Thanks Peter. Indeed we will cover lots of new equipment as the year goes by. If you have any specific equipment you would like me to talk about, just let me know!

2 01 2008

The site looks good, will be looking forward to the various info and comments in 2008!

13 01 2008
Andre Enslin

Hi Geoff

Fantastic. Wil be telling all golfing buddies of your site.

Best of luck

13 01 2008
Mike Rowe

Hi Geoff,
This is fantastic! I hope with the amount of content this doesn’t keep you off the course too long.
I will send to all the England Buddies!
(waiting for Rain, Sleet, cold & Wind to move on) we (Old fairweather golfers)
All the best,
Mike in england.

13 01 2008
Big Al

Hi Geoff
Big Mike sent me a link to your webblog – very nice it is too. Although I wouldnt listen to what Mike says about anything to do with Golf – I’ve played with him – not a pretty site. The words take and cover spring to mind.
If you know any Alcoholics in Switzeland that need help; point them in the direction of my website: http://www.addiction-recovery.co.uk
I look forward to seeing your site updates. Feel free to put me on your mailout or news letter.
Big Al

13 01 2008

Thanks for the referral, Mike!
And thanks for the comment, Big Al … As regards Big Mike – been there, done that … wore a box, helmet, shin pads etc and survived to tell the tale 🙂

14 01 2008

Who is Ernie Els?

14 01 2008

Oh dear, Chris … you’ve been stuck on a bicycle too long – we’re going to have to educate you about a real sport!
To quote from Ernie’s official website: “Ernie Els is one of the most successful golfers in the history of the game, having won almost 60 professional tournaments in the last 15 years, including two US Opens and an Open Championship, and a record six World Matchplay titles.” And of course, since he is a South African, he’s one of my favourite players of all time 🙂

17 01 2008
Martin & Gerdus


Great site. Keep it up (the good work).

19 01 2008
Kathryn Milne

It looks great – will tell any golfers I know to have a look.

24 01 2008


any info available on the new Ping G10 range?

do you know that people can test these clubs all over switzerland?

let me know if you come up with any info on the above.



24 01 2008

considering ernie is your “man”, do you think he will return to his former glory?

the leopard creek incident in december was a total disgrace. needing a bogey on the par 5 18th to win, then putting 2 balls in the water to lose by a shot!

what’s going on with ernie els? could it be that the “good life” has caught up with him?

let’s hope for a few good results in 2008. goose’s eyes are playing up, trevor underwent surgery at the end of 2007, but that was a minor incident. that leaves tim clark & richard sterne flying the sa flag.

any comments from saaymansays?

24 01 2008

just to tell all those fanatical golfers in switzerland who are wanting to improve their swings, both long game & the all important short game, that there is a top teaching professional in the olten area called Ken Holden.

do you know him saaymansays?

he has helped me alot!

24 01 2008

Hi Etienne
Thanks for all the comments! Firstly, as regards Ping – we are hoping to have an interview with Ping in the very near future! And I’ll do a review on the new Ping G10 range just as soon as I get the clubs in my hands 🙂
Thanks also for the Pro referal – I don’t know Ken but would like to meet him.

As to Ernie – of course he will be back! Who Els could possibly take his place? 🙂

Great to hear from you & I look forward to playing a round soon.


24 01 2008

ken used to coach me & turned my game around.
he has written a putting book – the fundamentals of good putting.

see http://www.holdengolfbooks.com

ken has also written for the french edition of “Golf Digest”.

he is based at the Haerkingen Drivng Range & is the best teaching pro in switzerland.

i look forward to reading your interview with PING soon!

i only have faith in ken to help me with my game.

cheers bru.

24 01 2008

another “one” for all the golf fundi’s out there.

hybrids or long irons ?????

& what has happened to the versatile 7 wood ?

look forward to hearing some feedback from the golf bloggers out there.

25 01 2008
Big Jonathan

Hello Saayman Says,

Great site, and I will stop there, because as you know I am clueless at this game, and swing a club like a baseball bat. Catch you during your next 36 hole a day vacation!!


27 01 2008
Dorothy Burge

Great stuff, Geoff! Keep it up!

28 01 2008

Hi there Dorothy

Many thanks for your support, there has been a very positive response to the site (fromall over the world) and I am sure it will grow from strength to strength. Please pass on the information to all your friends (also available in German) so they may get in at the start, so to speak, and comment too.


30 01 2008

See u soon in not so sunny and dark most nights (ESKOM) S A. As I recall you behind on the money won against yours truly. Please practice as I need some competition when u get here.

Hope to see the site go from stength to strength.

30 01 2008

Well as long as we dont have to rely on, Eishkom ‘Its Broken’, then there should be no problem me getting my money back! Watch this space as the site is slowly growing up!

5 02 2008

Hi Geoff

The site looks good, will be looking forward to the various info and comments in 2008! Good work keep it up.


16 03 2008
Mike Rowe

Hi Geoff,
It might be a good idea for “Big Bro” to pratice his swing and aim putting out the flame on lighted candles with out hitting the wax!! Call it the (Eish-com swing)!

As for me who can’t hit a cow in the proverbial with a banjo! There will be alot of wax around!!
Geoff Keep it up!
Cheers Mike (From a wind swept U.K)

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